PuppyroCat String Fastener
Product has not yet been released.
It is a fastener that can tighten laces without a separate knot so that the shoelaces do not come undone.

It is good for tightening shoelaces for young children who have a difficult time tying their shoes and are very active, which causes the laces to come undone.

It can also be used for running shoes, hiking boots, and boots worn by active people.

How to Use
* Click image to enlarge
After inserting the shoelace into the fastener as shown in the figure
tighten the shoelace as desired
and cross it over the fastener.
After crossing, properly shape the remaining lace
The fastener will close when you press and hear a clicking sound.

Materials and Origin of Product
Material : PP

Weihgt : 2g

Origin: Republic of Korea