PuppyroCat Capsule type Probiotics for dogs and cats


Multibiotics made with ingredients carefully formulated by veterinarians

ㆍJPROCAP-i is a multifunctional complex Probiotics that combines Probiotics, which are lactobacillus, and Prebiotics, a food for lactobacillus, so that lactobacillus can settle well in the intestine and with addition of ingredients that are good for the body (GABA).

Capsule-type pet probiotics

Most pet probiotics are in the form of powder, so dogs and especially cats who have a difficult taste may reject it. In the case of a liquid snack type, it is difficult to maintain live probiotics, and chemical additives to maintain the palatability of animals and powder and liquid form (Flavors, coloring agents, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, etc.) are included.

JPROCAP-i is the only capsule-type pet probiotics in Korea that can be fed to dogs and cats regardless of palatability, and pets who have rejected probiotics due to palatability problems by putting only essential ingredients in the capsule. It is also made to be able to feed probiotics.

Pet Probiotic 20 Billion CFU
It is most important that Probiotics multiply well in the intestine.
JPROCAP-i is formulated of lactobacillus that can proliferate well in the intestine.

Enterococcus faecium

It inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria, has excellent intestinal membrane fixation, has good intestinal properties, and is widely used as an agent for preventing diarrhea, intestinal agents and growth agents.
Particularly, a substance called bacteriocin, is an antibacterial protein produced by Enterococcus faecium, and is an antibacterial agent with excellent safety and utility and suppresses the growth of harmful bacteria in the intestine.

Bifidobacterium lactis

It also grows well on the intestinal mucosa, plays an important role in strengthening immune and digestive functions, preventing allergies and eczema, breaking down body waste and normalizing blood glucose level. It supports the overall digestion of many nutrients, helping the intestines absorb vitamins and minerals.

Lactobacillus reuteri

It also grows well on the intestinal mucosa, has excellent barrier-strengthening ability, improves barrier function, and promotes the development of immune cells, T-cells. It reduces Cytcain, an inflammatory component, and strengthens immunity by producing Reuterin molecules, an antibacterial substance.


JPROCAP-i contains fructooligosaccharide as a food for Probiotics so which can survive well in the intestine.

Also, JPROCAP-i contains Bacillus subtilis (80 million CFU), a beneficial bacteria that creates an environment in which Probiotics can grow well in the intestine, inhibits the growth of intestinal spoilage bacteria and contains substances that help Probiotics grow well generated.


JPROCAP-i contains GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid, gamma aminobutyric acid, 5mg)

It stabilizes cranial nerve excitement with a CNS(central nervous system) transfer substance, reduces stress, anxiety and excitement in dogs and cats, helping dogs with Separation anxiety symptoms and cats with usually high nervous.