PuppyroCat Collar
Integral Clothing and Neck Collar Types
  • The PuppyroCat Collar is a type of clothing, meaning it will not cause any issues around the neck of the animal.
  • The PuppyroCat Collar is comfortable because it does not tighten around the neck of the animal.
  • The PuppyroCat Collar will remain attached to the animal.
Problems with Existing Plastic Neck Collars
✔ They make it extremely difficult for animals to eat food and drink water.

✔ They cause stress for animals, therefore decreasing their activity.

✔ They restrict movement and can lead to accidents.

✔ They can cause secondary lesions such as contact dermatitis around the eyes, ears, and mouth.

✔ Owners who are unable to cope with the stress felt by their animal may also experience stress.

Problems with Existing Neck Collars that Tighten Around the Neck with a Stopper (Cord Lock)
There are numerous products that improve the issues with plastic neck collars, but they still have issues with staying attached to the animal. The method of tightening the collar around the neck with a string and a stopper is used to create a proper knot. However, it is difficult for owners to tie the knot in a way that the collar remains secure yet comfortable.


The PuppyroCat collar is a neck collar made just like clothes that can be worn instead of using a string and stopper to tighten the collar around the neck.

Please don’t tighten things around the neck
Existing neck collars are tightened by minimizing the space between the neck and chin so that animals cannot remove the collar.
However, the PuppyroCat Collar has no straps or stoppers that are used around the neck.

Our collar is made from elastic material, so animals can wear it like a t-shirt. Since the neck collar is attached to the clothes, it will stay in place as long as the animal wears the clothes. This means there is no need to tighten anything around the neck.

Non-confining and Comfortable PuppyroCat Neck Collar
Neck collars made from conventional plastic or cotton are too heavy, and neck collars made of lightweight material are difficult to fold and fail to protect the treated area.

The PuppyroCat Collar uses PU sponge as a filling material, so it is lightweight, fluffy, and has excellent resilience to maintain the function of a neck collar.

Transforms into Three Types Depending on the Purpose of Treatment

Flat Type

After general treatment or neutering

Cone Type

When treating the eyes, ears, and face

Reverse Cone Type

When minimizing or restricting activity
When minimizing or restricting activity
Conventional neck collars do not properly protect wounds because animals can easily slip out of them if they are not properly attached around the neck. Cats are more flexible than dogs, which makes it easier for them to slip out of collars.

The PuppyroCat Collar combines a neck collar and clothes to make the neck feel more comfortable by eliminating any resistance around the neck. The collar is worn like clothing, which prevents the animal from escaping from the collar.

It is waterproof and resistant to contamination.
How to Select the Right Size
When choosing a collar, please refer to the size of each area.

Add 1 cm (0.40 inches) for long-haired dogs and cats.

The circumference of the torso measures the largest area of the chest.
The length of the collar will be longer than the body size of most short-legged animals (dachshund, munchkin, etc.). Please be aware that the collar may drag slightly on the floor. Please double-check the dimensions before purchasing.

# The manufacturing process may result in an error of plus/minus 1 cm (0.40 inches) for each part.

Size Head Diameter Collar Length Body Perimeter Back Length Stomach Length Recommended Weights For Dogs Recommended Weights For Cats
No. 1 6 cm
(2.36 inches)
10 cm
(3.94 inches)
Under 31 cm
(Under 12.2 inches)
18 cm
(7.09 inches)
18 cm
(7.09 inches)
1.5-2.5 kg
(3.31-5.51 lbs)
1.5-3 kg
(3.31-6.61 lbs)
No. 2 7 cm
(2.76 inches)
12.5 cm
(4.92 inches)
32-37 cm
(12.60-14.57 inches)
24 cm
(9.45 inches)
17 cm
(6.69 inches)
2.6-3.5 kg
(5.73-7.71 lbs)
3.1-4.5 kg
(6.83-9.92 lbs)
No. 3 7 cm
(2.76 inches)
15 cm
(5.91 inches)
38-46 cm
(14.96-18.11 inches)
30 cm
(11.81 inches)
22 cm
(8.66 inches)
3.6-5 kg
(7.94-11.02 lbs)
4.6-6 kg
(10.14-13.22 lbs)
No. 3 L 7 cm
(2.76 inches)
15 cm
(5.91 inches)
42-50 cm
(16.54-19.69 inches)
30 cm
(11.81 inches)
22 cm
(8.66 inches)
only for large cats
6.1-8 kg
(13.44-17.63 lbs)
Color Selection
How to Attach the Neck Collar
1. Put the animal’s head through the collar.
2. Fit it around both front legs.
3. Attach the hook and loop fastener.
How to Change the Shape of the Neck Collar
1. Pull the neck collar strap and close it in the desired direction.

2. Adjust the position of the black stopper to attach the string.

3. Put the remaining strings in the pocket so they do not get caught in the feet of the animal.

Materials and Origin of Product
Front Side of Neck Collar (Face): 100% cotton, PU coating

Back and Body of Neck Collar: 100% cotton

Filler Material of Neck Collar: PU sponge foam

Origin: Republic of Korea

PuppyroCat Collar PuppyroCat Neck Collar PuppyroCat Soft Neck Collar
Features Integral clothing and neck collar Neck collar Only for animal hospitals, ultra lightweight

Will Never Choke the Animal

It can be worn like clothing and will not tighten around the animal's neck as it does not have a neck strap.

Regular Neck Collar

It can be worn regardless of body shape/size as it is just the neck collar.

Ultra Lightweight

It is very lightweight and made from medical non-woven fabric. It is made for hospitalized dogs and cats.

Disadvantages The size needs to be selected according to body shape/size. It is difficult to properly adjust the neck strap. It can only be washed and used for a few times.
Common Things

One neck collar can be used in three different ways depending on the purpose of treatment.

Neck Strap X

Uses a special stopper

Uses a special stopper

Price Range High Price Mid-Price Mid-Price
  • Special Stopper: A special stopper that is only applied to PuppyroCat products. It can be easily adjusted and is made to remain attached.
  • The price is a relative comparison between PuppyroCat products, not a comparison with third-party products.