PuppyroCat Soft Neck Collar
Only for Animal Hospitals
ㆍ This product was made exclusively for animal hospitals. It minimizes the weight of the collar so that animals can wear it comfortably during treatment.

ㆍ A special stopper (cord lock) has been applied to the product so it can easily be adjusted to loosen the strap around the neck as needed.

Transforms into Three Types Depending on the Purpose of Treatment

Flat Type

After general treatment or neutering

Cone Type

When treating the eyes, ears, and face

Reverse Cone Type

When minimizing or restricting activity
퍼피로캣 소프트 넥카라 사이즈
Size No. Head diameter Collar length folding line

No. 1

(3.15 inches)

(4.13 inches)
16 lines

No. 2

(3.94 inches)
(4.92 inches)
16 lines

No. 3

(3.94 inches)
(5.9 inches)
16 lines

No. 4

(4.33 inches)
(7.87 inches)
8 lines

No. 5

(4.72 inches)
(9.84 inches)
8 lines

Size No 4. and 5 have 8 folding lines for each.
How to Use the PuppyroCat Soft Neck Collar
Materials and Origin of the Product
Front Side of Neck Collar (Face): SMS non-woven fabric

Back and Body of Neck Collar: PP non-woven fabric

Filler Material of Neck Collar: PU sponge foam

Origin: China

PuppyroCat Collar PuppyroCat Neck Collar PuppyroCat Soft Neck Collar
Features Integral clothing and neck collar Neck collar Only for animal hospitals, ultra lightweight

Will Never Choke the Animal

It can be worn like clothing and will not tighten around the animal's neck as it does not have a neck strap.

Regular Neck Collar

It can be worn regardless of body shape/size as it is just the neck collar.

Ultra Lightweight

It is very lightweight and made from medical non-woven fabric. It is made for hospitalized dogs and cats.

Disadvantages The size needs to be selected according to body shape/size. It is difficult to properly adjust the neck strap. It can only be washed and used for a few times.
Common Things

One neck collar can be used in three different ways depending on the purpose of treatment.

Neck Strap X

Uses a special stopper

Uses a special stopper

Price Range High Price Mid-Price Mid-Price
  • Special Stopper: A special stopper that is only applied to PuppyroCat products. It can be easily adjusted and is made to remain attached.
  • The price is a relative comparison between PuppyroCat products, not a comparison with third-party products.